Kaman minority facing violation of citizenship rights  
Occurred in Thandwe,Rakhine State, Myanmar on June 29, 2016, at 3:50 PM
Reported by saieainsan via Internet on May 30, 2016, at 11:15 AM in Thandwe,Rakhine State, Myanmar

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Members of the Kaman community in Thandwe Township in Rakhine State says the name of their ethnicity is being omitted in the family registration cards recently issued. And in some villages, the Kaman people, which include among the officially recognized 135 ethnic groups, are denied with full citizenship cards; instead, they are issued with a type of temporary citizenship card (green cards).

Kaman people mostly live in 18 villages in Thandwe Township. Recently, the immigration authorities refused to mention their ethnicity in new family registration cards issued to many Kaman families.

People seen this move as a deliberate attempt to wipe out the only ethnic group in Myanmar, majority of whom are Muslims. The newly issued family registration cards also not mention Kaman as citizen of Myanmar.

A Kaman rights activist Ko Zaw Ko Kos said he saw the move as an insult to the Kaman ethnic group.

“I find these moves as an abuse by immigration department on the members of our ethnic group. Such a thing should not be done. I feel it is an insult to our community”.

He said some Kaman family went to the immigration department to show to the old family registration card, which mention the ethnicity and citizenship, but they are still denied the right to mention their race and ethnicity in the card.

Some of the Kaman people who live in Lin Thee and Pauktaw villages of Thandwe Township says they are issued with temporary national registration card (green card) similar to the ones issued to members of Bengali and Rohingya communities.

The secretary of All Myanmar Kaman National, U Htun Ngwe confirmed that the immigration department omitted Kaman ethnicity in the recently issued family registration cards. He also confirmed the reports saying that Kaman people issued with temporary national registration cards.

In the past as well, members of Kaman community who are recognized as an ethnic group in larger Rakhine race are issued with temporary citizenship card “white card”.

Reference: Media and source of BHRN

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