Myanmar Islamic Religious Affair Council Sign board was forced removal in Mikethilar District, Mandalay Region  
Occurred in Myanmar on January 6, 2020, at 10:25 AM
Reported by komin via Internet on January 7, 2020, at 10:30 AM in Myanmar

This rumour is confirmed true and is of high priority – here's why:
The cause was happened in Myanmar, Mandalay region, Mikethilar District, Mikethilar City that is Myanmar Government confirmed and legally establishment Myanmar Islamic Religious Affair Council, District Office’s sing board is attached in front of the District' office on 25 December 2019, but those sign boards were forced to removal due to local extremist against.

Friday Times contacted to Mikethilar District Islamic Religious Affair Councils, they confirmed the case and they answer as follow; “We (Islamic Religious Affair Council’s sign Board was unlawfully and local people are not agreed to do so. District Administrative department, Mikethilar (now which is under the supervision of the Presidential office) forced to remove it by orally. The department did not issue any relating instruction paper document concerned with the sign board.

Islamic Religious Affair Council is legally religious organization and collaboration with Ministry of Religious and Culture concerned with the matter of Islamic religious within Myanmar, which is issued the Gazette Notification No. 97/2019 signed and issued by second permanent secretary U ZarNi Win on 1 September 2019.

Islamic religious affair council, Mithila Distract was answering to Friday Time;
“The District administrative department, forced to remove our sign board orally and it is not any breach of current enacted laws and the local authorities could not proof any documents relating to against and file do so. The local authorities referred to the decision of the Mandalay Regional Government, but they could not show any paper document and other relating procedure or law matters. Mithila Distract Administrative Department did not give any certain answers relating to impressing case.”

“Myanmar Current Constitution described that Myanmar grantee to fair and equal treatment to all citizens without any discrimination of race, color and religious, but on the reality, it is so called.” Somebody added his comment to Friday Time.

Friday times enquiry relating to this case and we figure it out like that one of the Facebook accounts namely “Taungtharlaysayadaw” (Nationalist monk) started posting to social media that he was questioning to local Administrative department “Are Mithilar authorities the salves of the others religion?” (in Myanmar other religion intended to Islam). Later that propaganda was influence within local Facebook users and with the comment of the Mithila authorities accept the bribe from the Muslim and they let to attach Islamic Religious Affair Council Sign Board.

Friday Times tried several times to have a contact with Mithila General Administrative concerned above issue but we cannot get the contact yet.


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