Muslims IDPs in Rakhine facing uncertainty over return  
Occurred in Ramree, Rakhine, Myanmar on May 3, 2017, at 3:05 AM
Reported by naymg via Internet on May 5, 2017, at 11:00 AM in Ramree, Rakhine, Myanmar

This rumour is confirmed true and is of low priority – here's why:
The Kaman Muslim IDPs in Ramree Township in Rakhine State says their return to places of origin is uncertain as the authorities so far failed to respond to a request to return their homes which were destroyed during sectarian violence erupted in the state nearly 5 years ago.
“We have requested to the Union Minister of Social Welfare, when he was here, to return our original homes some even cried while talking to the minister. But he did not cared too much about our request. Just said he would try,” said a local resident Ko Thet Htun on 3 May.
The Muslim IDP s are taking refuge at Tan Ywa mosque situated at no 6 ward. The mosque was built in 1715.
In Ramree there are four mosques, they are Taung Paw, Ah Le Su, New mosque and Tan Ywa mosque, which was only survived the attacks by Buddhist mob in 2012.
The rest three were destroyed by Buddhist mobs. Muslim IDPs are staying Tan Ywa mosque in sheds built inside the mosque compound.
There are no Muslims live in surrounding villages in Ramree. In the town 200 Muslim live out of which 43 remain in the mosque.
In 2012 sectarian violence, Muslim homes were destroyed by Buddhist mobs without any apparent reasons. Those homes which were situated far away from Buddhist homes were put on fire and those situated near were brought down by mobs.
Most of the homes destroyed are in no 6 ward where majority of Muslims live. Those homes not destroyed were sold at a much lower price.
“I had to sell my land which worth kyat 20 million only at 3.5 million,” said a local resident Ko Khin Maung Htun.
The Kaman people under the leadership of the Kaman Progressive Party have requested to the government to return their places of origin in the letter sent to senior officials including the President and the State Counsellor. A media conference was held by the party in Yangon on 26 April to call for the return of the Kaman people.
According to a local resident non-Muslim residents of Ramree are disagree with the reallocation of Muslims in their places of origin.
“My home was destroyed in arson attack. Now I have a cordial relation with other residents of the town. But I am not sure if I will be able to return to my homes as there are a few Muslims left in my area,” U Tin Nu, a Kaman Muslim of Ramree said.
Currently 43 IDPs including a clerk working for General Administration Department (GAD), and another one at the Municipal department as well as a teacher remained in the camp. According to the rule, those who wish to leave the IDP camp need approval from GAD and for civil servants they need additional endorsement from their respective departments.
If permission is granted the GAD provide Kyat 500 000 to each household and additional Kyat 100 000 to each family member as reallocation allowance. They are also provided with free transport to Kyaukphyu and provide free air tickets to those who wants to go to Yangon.
However, Ko Thet Htun, an IDP said he would like to return to his home instead of other places.
“We do not have communication with the outside world. We have to eat whatever they gave and if we go to a new place, we will also face difficulties. So I just want to return to my home,” he said.

Source :BHRN

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