Former advisor of President spread the stimulated letter to close the mosque  
Occurred in Myanmar on October 29, 2015, at 11:40 PM
Reported by saieainsan via Internet on October 29, 2015, at 11:40 PM in Myanmar

This rumour is probably true and is of low priority – here's why:
October 29
The former advisor of president, Dr. Nay Zin Latt spreads the stimulated writing to close the mosques and the Islamic schools, Madarasar as it is a dangerous place for National. U Nay Myo Wai, Chair of Peace and Diversity Party spread the stimulated writing about it is a good time to ban the Islam holy book, to close the Islam holy book teaching schools and mosques for national dangerous. Dr. Nay Zin Latt, Chairman of National Development Party also share and spread it again on his facebook page on October 29 at 12:04. That post was miswriting with real event in which American presidential candidate, Donald Trump said he will close the mosques in America if he will become president. The real saying of presidential candidate Donald Trump is that he will conduct like Britain by doing analysis of passports for IS attacks, eternal deport for the ones who went for IS attacks and consideration to close some mosques if it is required, answered to the Fox News. However, Nay Myo Wai wrote that Donald Trump's saying is not just simple politicking speech but saying for national security view and it is also the rights for Myanamar leaders. Therefore, he aroused in the writing to try also to close the islamic teaching schools and mosques in Myanmar for the dangers of national.

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Myanmar saieainsan Internet 29-Oct-2015 @ 11:40 PM

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