False news on social media saying Islamic school recruiting for Islamic army  
Occurred in Yangon,Yangon Region, Myanmar on April 26, 2017, at 3:00 PM
Reported by naymg via Internet on April 26, 2017, at 8:00 PM in Yangon,Yangon Region, Myanmar

This rumour is confirmed false and is of low priority – here's why:
Myo Chit Zarni wrote in a post on Facebook that Arabic schools are recruiting to establish Islamic Army. The post on 1 April was a copied from comments on similar topic by Tin Linn Naing posted on 26 March.
He posted 3 separate sections on his alleged finding on recruitment drive by the Arabic schools.
It said Mujahidin groups in Bangladesh are recruiting at the Arabic schools in Yangon and Mandalay to conduct terror activities in Rakhine state.
The posts mentioned the names of 12 people, who were arrested in 2015 for having contact with Myanmar Muslim Army. These people are from Mandalay, Kyaukse, Taunggyi and Kholam are currently serving prison sentences.
A total of 918 people have liked the posts by Tin Linn Naing and shared among 4683 other users and 241 people gave their comments.
The posts were based on false information with the aim to spread misinformation that Arabic schools in Myanmar have link with overseas terrorist groups and they are recruiting for an Islamic army. They expressed opinions that these schools should kept under surveillance and should be dismantled. Such kind of false news are spread by those who call themselves as nationalists. The Facebook post of Tin Linn Naing was copied by other Facebook pages.

Reference: Facebook pages of Tin Linn Naing and Myo Chit Zarni

This heatmap depicts the spread of rumours over time. Hotter areas of the map denote earlier sightings, while cooler areas indicate delayed dispersion.

Location Reported by Via Date
Yangon,Yangon Region, Myanmar naymg Internet 26-Apr-2017 @ 8:00 PM

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