Consumers, farmers complaint against Buddhist group role in butcher license  
Occurred in Wakema, Ayeyarwady, Myanmar on April 18, 2017, at 11:05 AM
Reported by naymg via Internet on April 19, 2017, at 4:00 PM in Wakema, Ayeyarwady, Myanmar

This rumour is confirmed true and is of low priority – here's why:
A Buddhist Charity group Ziwita Dhana group who control butcher licensing for Wakhema Township is not allowing tender from Kyone Ma Nge Station. Those who are interested to join in the auction have complained to the government in the letters sent to the office of the President and the State Counsellor.
“The announcement for tender says all citizens of Myanmar are eligible to do bidding in the auction. All other villages in the township were included only our village Kyone Ma Nge was left out,” said a local resident who interested to join in the auction. The auction was announced by the township municipal department on 18 April.
“Even if they allow our village there are only 3 persons who would do bidding. As they are not allowing their businesses were hurt. For our religious charity, we have to bring beef from Wakhena. For that, we need permission from the authorities to transport the meat. This Buddhist charity Ziwita Dhana intensified its activities when our Eid ul Adha festival draw nearer. We do charity of meat in that festival. Last year they have cut down the number of cattle allowed to be slaughtered. So we could not do charity,” said a trustee of local mosque.
As the Buddhist group control the butcher, license the group does not allow farmers to sell cattle easily. When the farmers want to sell cattle for urgent need for cash they have to get permission from the authorities to sell and transport the animals.
A local resident Ko Maung said, “If cattle got foot and mouth disease and wants to sell out no one to buy. They need permission to move cattle even to take animals to feeding ground. Whenever Ziwita Dhana group sees animals moving around from one place to another they ask for permission letter. For permission letter one need to go through different steps. So farmer are in loss, and also since there is not much income generated from licensing municipal department budget become lesser and it could not do much for the development of the town”.
Another local resident Ko Kyaw Oo said only the municipal department and the Buddhist group know license fees.
The butcher license for this year is also expected to be awarded to Ziwita Dhana group as it was in the past many years. The group operates under the aegis of Ma Ba Tha and the group is chaired by a monk from Sat Yone Dhama Monastery Badanta U Thumana. It is supported by U Min Min and U Tin Soe, they help in raising funds for the group from donation by the people in the township and also from organizing sermon events.

Reference: BHRN

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