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August 20, 2015
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Updated Rumour Status
26-Apr-2017 Illegal Bengali travelling more freely after withdrawal of c... Probably false
26-Apr-2017 Rakhine village leader killed for assisting security forces Probably false
26-Apr-2017 Terrorists coming to central Myanmar Confirmed false
26-Apr-2017 Bangladeshi Muslims are to attack Myanmar Probably false
26-Apr-2017 Mosque in Mon State doing more repair work than permitted Confirmed false
26-Apr-2017 10 Muslim students went on rampage on motorbike Confirmed false
26-Apr-2017 300 000 Rohingya allowed into into Myanmar Confirmed false
26-Apr-2017 U Ko Ni wants to cancel Thingyan festival Confirmed false
25-Apr-2017 An ethnic party denied accusation of snatching weapon Confirmed false
25-Apr-2017 Buddhist sect facing lawsuit from ministry Confirmed true
25-Apr-2017 Rakhine State parliament heard a report on Rohingya citizens... Confirmed true
25-Apr-2017 Monasteries destroyed due to conflict to be rebuilt Confirmed true
25-Apr-2017 Lawsuit against journalist for criticising Ma Ba Tha and U W... Confirmed true
18-Apr-2017 Kaman Muslims facing delay in obtaining citizenship Probably true
18-Apr-2017 Properties own by Muslims in Kyaukphyu intruded Confirmed true
18-Apr-2017 U Wirathu’s praise for killer of U Ko Ni un-Buddhist, Saff... Confirmed true
18-Apr-2017 Ma Ba Tha boss says campaigner for constitutional amendment ... Confirmed true
18-Apr-2017 Textbooks on four major religion cause controversy Confirmed true
18-Apr-2017 Ma Ba Tha told to abide by monk rules Confirmed true
28-Mar-2017 Commander in Chief denied human rights abuses by military in... Confirmed true
28-Mar-2017 Local Rakhine protest against citizenship to Rohingya Confirmed true
28-Mar-2017 Army offensive in Maungtaw halted Confirmed true
28-Mar-2017 People with NVC card can go out for fishing Confirmed true
24-Mar-2017 USDP says it object citizenship to ineligible people Confirmed true
24-Mar-2017 U Wirathu warns advocate for Charter reform Confirmed true
24-Mar-2017 Pa O villagers issued discriminatory rules targeting Muslims Confirmed true
24-Mar-2017 Eight arrested Mauntaw suspects died Confirmed true
24-Mar-2017 Four corpses exhumed in Maungtaw Confirmed true
24-Mar-2017 Local Rakhine protest against citizenship to Rohingya Confirmed true
24-Mar-2017 Kachin National congress disrupted Confirmed true
24-Mar-2017 Nationalist criticise Pope for Rohingya support Confirmed true
22-Feb-2017 Donation of cattle nationalists’ work: Ma Ba Tha Probably true
22-Feb-2017 Additional document requirement for Muslim applicants for ci... Probably true
22-Feb-2017 Monk Wirathu sermon banned Probably true
22-Feb-2017 Sermons include hate speech delivered in front of a mosque i... Probably true
22-Feb-2017 Plan to issue “smart card” raises concern on revocation ... Probably true
22-Feb-2017 Fine impose for entering village ban on Muslims Confirmed true
22-Feb-2017 Ma Ba Tha to protest if race and religion laws amended Confirmed true
12-Feb-2017 Ma Ba Tha monks support army offensive against ethnic groups Confirmed true
31-Jan-2017 Preliminary report of Rakhine investigation said 9 October a... Confirmed true
31-Jan-2017 Ma Ba Tha monk call for boycott against Rohingyas Confirmed true
22-Jan-2017 Maungtaw attack aimed to dispel Rakhine from the area: polic... Confirmed true
22-Jan-2017 Seven new villages establish in Maungtaw for settlement of R... Confirmed true
22-Jan-2017 Nationalists forms a watchdog to monitor on citizenship to M... Confirmed true
22-Jan-2017 Damage caused to Catholic Church in a Tatmadaw air strike Confirmed true
20-Jan-2017 Wirathu sends message to monk event to denounce Malaysian PM Confirmed true
20-Jan-2017 Attacker on street vendor jailed Confirmed true
20-Jan-2017 Incitement for religious riot in Mon State town Confirmed true
28-Dec-2016 Monks barred Muslim vendors near pagoda Confirmed true
28-Dec-2016 Martial arts training to Ma Ba Tha members Confirmed true

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