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Ko Min
July 13, 2016
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Updated Rumour Status
7-Jan-2020 Myanmar Islamic Religious Affair Council Sign board was forc... Confirmed true
19-Dec-2019 Buddhists support Muslims during Ramadan by offering white r... Confirmed true
19-Dec-2019 Arrest warrant issued for anti-Muslim monk Wirathu Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 UN says risk of genocide recurring in Myanmar Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 Sexual violence against women in Myanmar conflict continues Probably true
12-Dec-2019 UN High Commissioner for Refugees visited to Myanmar Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 ICC will investigate Myanmar Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 Gambia Sues Myanmar for Genocide Against Rohingya Muslims Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 UN is warning Myanmar Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 Gambia files Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar at UN co... Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 Myanmar rejects ICC probe over Rohingya as legal pressure mo... Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 Arakan Army is recruiting more people Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 Rohingya jailed for travel Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 UN says genocide could happen again Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 Rebels dressed as soccer players abduct bus passengers Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 Rohingya jailed for traveling Confirmed true
12-Dec-2019 Tatamadaw attacking Buddhists in Rakhine State Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Tatmadaw is committing war crimes in Rakhine Impossible to verify but probably true
11-Dec-2019 Arakan Army still posting propaganda on Facebook Probably true
11-Dec-2019 Internet has been cut to Rakhine State Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 There are cuts to humanitarian aid to refugees Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 International Court of Justice hears case against Myanmar Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Two Rohingya civilians were shot in Kyauktaw Township Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 ASEAN bowing to Myanmar pressure Probably false
11-Dec-2019 Flooding in Kachin State Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 US imposes sanctions on top Myanmar generals Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Myanmar security forces and insurgents are committing human ... Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Japan supports Rohingya Probably true
11-Dec-2019 Arakan Army Wants Chinese belt and road initiative Probably true
11-Dec-2019 Tatamadaw units committing more crimes in Rakhine Probably true
11-Dec-2019 Militia attacked military college Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Rohingya refugees refuse to return to Myanmar without rights... Probably true
11-Dec-2019 Myanmar still obstructing international efforts to investiga... Probably true
11-Dec-2019 Myanmar wants to track Rohingya Impossible to verify but probably true
11-Dec-2019 The National Verification Card (NVC) scheme targetting Myanm... Impossible to verify but probably true
11-Dec-2019 Tatamadaw files lawsuit against Reverend Hkalam Samson Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Rohingya being forced to accept identity cards that categori... Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Fighting has broken out in Shan State Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Shan state offensive is taking place Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 The threat of genocide for Muslims is greater than ever Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Myanmar willing to repatriate "verified returnees" from Bang... Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Fourth plane accident in Myanmar this year Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Myanmar landslide death toll rises to 59 Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Northern Alliance Agrees to Meeting With Myanmar Government ... Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Myanmar military committed ‘routine, systematic’ sexual ... Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 The Arakan Army releases 52 villagers Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Myanmar to send envoys to Rohingya camps in Bangladesh Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 US sanctions four Myanmar military leaders for human rights ... Confirmed true
11-Dec-2019 Protect Civilians Trapped in Armed Conflict in Rakhine State... Under investigation
6-Sep-2019 UN urges worldwide withdrawal of support for Myanmar militar... Confirmed true

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